Klopp: Emre Can transfer rumours don’t bother me

Jurgen Klopp has no interest in transfer rumours for players Emre Can and Philippe Coutinho. Emre Can has been subject to a number of rumours linking the German to Juventus.

“I am not interested. I don’t comment on transfer rumours,” Klopp said told the Liverpool Echo.

“It’s all about the behaviour of the players. The players are fine. I work with them all day.

“If we want to sell a player we don’t go every day to him and tell him ‘by the way, don’t forget we want to sell you!’

“No, we want to keep him in best shape until the day and when the situation is there we will tell him ‘OK, here’s the offer, if you want to take it, then go…’

“So in the day-by-day business, it has no influence as long as the players are fine. And neither Emre or Phil gave me one second the impression that they are not interested in what we are doing here.

“And that is all I care about until the moment we have to make a decision. That’s all. So far both these two did really well. They are completely in the team and they will be until it is not like this any more.

“When will that be? I have no clue!”

A fundamental match

Alessandro Florenzi did an interview with Sky Sport and said Juventus “will be a fundamental game” for Roma, as “it’s a match which will say how we’re set and what point we’re at”.

“The elimination from the Coppa Italia burns a lot. We’re disappointed, but we don’t have to make a drama of it. Our objective was to go through, but our thoughts immediately turn to Juventus.”

“It will be a fundamental game for Roma’s growth, it’s worth three points like all the others but it’s a match which will say how we’re set and what point we’re at. First place in the Champions League gives us an answer, but we have to do it in the league too and not just against Juventus.”

“Who would I take from Juventus? Dybala, he’s a champion. They’re a great team and it’s never easy to play in Turin, we need to reverse the negative trend in their home and score points. It won’t be a game to decide who wins the Scudetto.”

“Best defence against best attack?Defensive solidity comes from hard work. In our next few chances we have to find the way to goal more easily, we’re working hard on that from every point of view.”

Dybala to start and Buffon to miss out against Roma

It’s reported Paulo Dybala will retain his place in the Juventus side for Saturday’s Roma game, but Gigi Buffon and Mattia De Sciglio won’t make it.

La Joya scored against Genoa in the Coppa Italia, as well as providing an assist for Gonzalo Higuain, and Premium Sport reports he’ll keep his place against the Giallorossi.

With Mario Mandzukic expected to be fit only for the bench after having 13 stitches on a calf injury, Dybala could play on the right if Coach Massimiliano Allegri sticks with a trident in attack.

Juan Cuadrado could be called-up for the game, as his recovery from injury is progressing well, but both Buffon and De Sciglio will almost certainly be out.

Douglas Costa: We want to win against Roma

Juventus winger Douglas Costa spoke to Sky Sport about the upcoming clash against Roma and called them “a great team” but assures “we have the quality to win”.

“They’re a great team and we have huge respect for them.”

“It’s true that they lost in the Coppa Italia, but Saturday will be a different game and we’re expecting a different Roma. We absolutely want to win though, and we have the quality to win.”

“I have grown a lot in the defensive phase and on the tactical side. Serie A is a different league to the the Bundesliga, and the one I played with Shakhtar Donetsk.”

Allegri comments on Juventus 2-0 Coppa Italia win

Max Allegri left his impressions of tonight’s match against Genoa to RAI Sport.

“We have to compliment the lads for their performance. We pressed hard and showed good intensity. In the second half, we waited for Genoa to move a little more and we finished off the game.

“It was an objective to reach the quarter-finals and the team achieved that in the best way,” Allegri said to Rai Sport.

“Dybala put in a good performance, as did the whole team. We all want Dybala to get back to being Dybala, as he’s an extraordinary player. He needed a good performance, but above all a goal, as it can help him find some calm and confidence, but it’s not as if he ever truly lost his way.

“Dybala just has to focus on doing the simple things. He doesn’t need to prove himself in every single game, as that only increases the pressure. He should play as he did tonight.

“I was satisfied with the overall performance, as we covered the pitch well and allowed Genoa nothing. Obviously, when Dybala is the centre-forward, then the box must be filled with runs from the wingers and midfielders. It’s something we can test out, but in order for it to work, we need the wide men to constantly push forward.”

Juventus risked too much in the second half, often allowing Genoa to hold possession and press for an equalizer.

“I was angry because we gave the ball away three or four times coming out of defence and with this one it was in the penalty area. If in doubt, kick it away. I wasn’t angry with the referee, but rather with my players for creating that situation.”

Juventus now shift their attention to this weekend’s clash with Roma at the Allianz Stadium.

“We’ve got two days to prepare for Roma, we’ll see how the players who are carrying injuries are doing. It’s a head-to-head clash and Roma still have a game in hand, so they could potentially be right up there with us.”

Chiellini: This season is no less motivating then any other for Juventus

Giorgio Chiellini did an interview with Undici and called winning “a drug” for Juventus and fears “the art of defending” has been lost in Italy, but insists he was “always fair.”

“This season is no less motivating than any other, because for years Juventus have been racing only against ourselves.”

“I can’t choose between our victories, as they are all wonderful, and it’s not true that in the end it becomes boring. Winning is like a drug. It’s something you need, because if you feel that emotion once, you do everything to experience it again.”

He is known as a rather rugged defender who relishes breaking up the opposition play.

“You have to disturb the movements of the opposition strikers and prevent them, doing things that make them short-circuit. I have always been like that and I think that’s how you ought to go into these grand duels. I’m certainly not a pleasant player to face on the field, but I’m always fair. Nowadays I am less impulsive, as I can reflect on my actions better. When I was 22 years old, every game was a battle, even a war, because at that age I could just let out all my tension and adrenaline. Even then, I wasn’t nasty, but I was a pain to play against. Now I’ve become accustomed to it, but back then you don’t know where to direct your energy and tension.”

Chiellini has been critical of Pep Guardiola’s approach to football and explained his theory in greater detail.

“I believe the advent of Guardiola’s style of football has changed the nature of something we in Italy did so well for many years, which is the art of defending.”

“There is a remarkable generational gap in defenders and that’s what caused it. Now lads who arrive in Serie A know how to spread the play and pass the ball, they can make a pin-point pass 40 metres away, but they haven’t the slightest idea how to man-mark or take players on on-on-one.”

“Becoming a Coach? When I do hang up my boots, I want to remain in football, but with a career more behind a desk than as a Coach.”

Expected lineup: Juventus vs Genoa

Various reports throughout the calcio World have stated that Juventus could lineup with this formation tonight:

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An exciting attacking trident consisting of Douglas Costa, Paulo Dybala, and Federico Bernardeschi is potentially on the cards tonight. Other interesting choices from Max Allegri include the midfield trio of Stefano Sturaro, Claudio Marchisio, and Rodrigo Bentancur.

What are your thoughts on this potential lineup?


Dybala, Rugani and Bernardeschi will start

Max Allegri spoke ahead of tomorrow’s Coppa Italia clash with Genoa in Torino and gave some potential hints to his starting XI.

“These are two difficult recoveries, both for De Sciglio and Mandzukic,” Allegri said.

“Mandzukic has had 13 stitches and De Sciglio has a problem with his flexor, and we’ll evaluate him in the coming days.

“It’s difficult for him to be available against Roma though.

“As for tomorrow, Dybala, [Daniele] Rugani and [Federico] Bernardeschi will play.

“[Claudio] Marchisio is another player who could be part of the game tomorrow. Tomorrow is a game, an important objective, because it’s a competition which is worth as much as the league and the Champions League.

“It’s a competition Juventus compete in, which the lads have won for the past three years so we need to try and go as far as possible, create the conditions to reach the final.

“If we go through it will give us an important boost to face Roma on Saturday, these are four very important days between tomorrow and Saturday with Roma.”

Roma Coach Eusebio Di Francesco gave high praise to Allegri and his European accomplishments.

“Di Francesco absolutely does not need my compliments, because he did really well with Sassuolo and now he’s doing really well with Roma.

“Roma is a complicated, difficult environment but he knows it because he played there. It’s a well put together squad with important players, and above all he’s been good at giving them balance, which means Roma give up very few scoring chances.

“As I said in the Press conference last week, the Roma goalkeeper doesn’t make many saves, he hasn’t made very many saves in these league games and, if I’m not mistaken, they’ve won 1-0 five or six times?

“So it will be a nice game, but we’ll think about it from Thursday, and I think we’d do better to face it with qualification in our pocket.”

Allegri discusses Paulo Dybala

Max Allegri outlined what he believed is a normal season for Paulo Dybala.

“First of all, the Coppa Italia is a very important competition,” the coach said at the start of his Press conference.

“It’s not like in two days he’s recovered his condition, he’s worked hard and on Sunday he came on and did well.

“But tomorrow is a game to be played like all the others, a game to win, and maybe it’ll be a game which will unlock him, to get back among the goals.

“The goal shouldn’t be a problem, I repeat: Dybala is a player capable of 15-20 goals in the league, when he gets 20 then he’ll have done a lot.

“And his characteristics go beyond that, Dybala is a player who must provide assists and score goals because he’s not just a poacher, that’s what Paulo should not do.

“Like the others Paulo is an intelligent player who knows that tomorrow is an important game for him and for Juventus.

“We’ve had a different system of play [4-3-3] in the last few games and I pulled him out, it’s very simple. If Paulo plays, we need to exploit the characteristics he has.

“In this system, the role he can play is as a centre-forward.

“That’s another thing I have to decide, whether to play Higuain in tandem with Dybala or play Dybala as a centre-forward.

“No-one is under examination tomorrow, because I see them on the pitch every day. They’ve trained well, so tomorrow is an important test for them, but also for all of us.

“We’ll have the chance to make changes on the bench but, aside from two or three, these players have more or less always played.

“[Stephan] Lichtsteiner has played a lot of games, [Daniele] Rugani has played a lot of games, [Andrea] Barzagli and [Giorgio] Chiellini have always played.

“[Kwadwo] Asamoah has played, [Rodrigo] Bentancur has had his games, Marchisio has played his games.

“Then if Dybala, [Federico] Bernardeschi and Douglas Costa play they’re players who have always played, so there’s no problem.”

Marko Pjaca returned to the squad this week, will he play a part tomorrow?

“In my opinion Pjaca could do well as a centre-forward, maybe playing as a pair with another striker, because he’s a player who has speed, technique and movement; and someone who attacks the space well.

“As far as tomorrow is concerned, our goal is to go through and whether Pjaca or someone else plays is all relative.

“The important thing is for Juventus to play a good game tomorrow.

“To the team I’ll simply say – well, I’ve already said it but I’ll repeat it tomorrow – that the Coppa Italia is one of our objectives and we have to go onto the pitch to win.

“Against Roma on Saturday we’ll have the right motivation, we’re all ready to play a great game, but tomorrow is a game where there’s a slight risk of dropping off.

“That cannot happen, because Juventus must play to win tomorrow and to reach the next round. There are absolutely no excuses or alibis of any kind.

“Talking about Roma now is pointless, we have a difficult game tomorrow which we have to tackle in the best way.

“Fortunately, from what I’m told, the stadium will be almost full and that will give us a major boost to tackle what is, I repeat, a possible elimination tomorrow.

“If we are eliminated tomorrow we’d face Roma in a different mood, because we’d be out of a competition which Juventus must play to win.

“It’s very simple, tomorrow we have to go through with our performance.”

FIFA 18 launch new Juventus kit

Juventus have launched a special digital fourth kit, only available on video game FIFA 18.

The Bianconeri join Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Real Madrid in launching special kits which are only available in FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team.

The Juve version features a black shirt, with the club’s new badge superimposed on the shirts.