Klopp: Emre Can transfer rumours don’t bother me

Jurgen Klopp has no interest in transfer rumours for players Emre Can and Philippe Coutinho. Emre Can has been subject to a number of rumours linking the German to Juventus.

“I am not interested. I don’t comment on transfer rumours,” Klopp said told the Liverpool Echo.

“It’s all about the behaviour of the players. The players are fine. I work with them all day.

“If we want to sell a player we don’t go every day to him and tell him ‘by the way, don’t forget we want to sell you!’

“No, we want to keep him in best shape until the day and when the situation is there we will tell him ‘OK, here’s the offer, if you want to take it, then go…’

“So in the day-by-day business, it has no influence as long as the players are fine. And neither Emre or Phil gave me one second the impression that they are not interested in what we are doing here.

“And that is all I care about until the moment we have to make a decision. That’s all. So far both these two did really well. They are completely in the team and they will be until it is not like this any more.

“When will that be? I have no clue!”

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